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The 2017 Arts Gala    

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 Paroquet Springs Conference Center 

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Congratulations to Julie Velasquez, BCAC 2017 Performer of the year!

Wicked Witch

of the West,

Britney Wimsatt


Dana James

Auntie Em,

Linda Belcher

Director, Donna Caudill

Lollipop Guild,

Missy Lobred,

Tom Givhan,

and Donna Burke

Munchkins and Lullaby League, Cheer Bling, Nalani Harvey, Halie Jo Harvey, and Nation James

The Wizard,

Brian James


Aaron Givhan


Kayla Holzknecht

Munchkin #2,

Julie Velasquez

Tin Man,  

Alex Wimsatt

Cowardly Lion,

Ed Tenney

The Mayor,

Dave Stone

The Coroner, John Foist

Uncle Henry, Steve Davis

Martha Mae,


Munchkin #1,

Donna Burke